Course Instructors

Bob Molzahn - Course Coordinator

Bob Molzahn has been the Learn to Fly Fish Course coordinator and instructor since its inception in 1994. Bob's love of fly fishing began in 1963 when he and his Dad took a trip to the fabled Beaverkill in New York. Since then, Bob has fished extensively in mid-Atlantic and northeastern streams and many western states including Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico and Arizona. His favorite places to fish are the Marble Canyon below Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River for the sheer beauty of the marbled, red canyon walls and green, clear water and the Bob Marshall Wilderness for its remoteness, silence and huge native west slope cutthroat trout. Although Bob has dabbled in fly fishing for salmon in Alaska, bass in the Susquehanna, bonefish in the Caribbean and stripers along our coast, his true love is casting for trout, wherever that may be. His favorite Pennsylvania trout streams are the Little Juniata, and Fishing Creek and Spring Creek in Centre County. Bob joined the League in 1990 and was the club's President for twelve years. He also served as the President of the Mid-Atlantic Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) and was an FFF National Director for two years. Bob also holds a fisheries science degree and has worked in the environmental field for more than forty years.

Bob Moser - Lead Instructor

Bob grew up an avid angler but only really began fly fishing in 1988 after he moved from Pittsburgh PA to Kimberton and bought a home on French Creek. Bob was schooled in fly casting by well known instructor Ed Jaworowski. Bob joined the Dame Juliana League in 1988 and went on to be its President, and currently is a member of the Board. He is a Life Member of the Federation of Fly Fishers and a member of Trout Unlimited as well as a member of the Lehigh River Stocking Association. Bob, along with Board member Bob Molzahn were the originators of the DJL Learn to Fly Fish course which had its first class in 1993 and will celebrate its twentieth anniversary this year! Bob enjoys fishing all across Pennsylvania, and spends substantial time fishing the Lehigh River and many other waters in the Poconos. He has also fished in Maine, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New York, and a number of other wonderful places. Bob is the lead instructor for the DJL Learn to Fly fish course and thoroughly enjoys helping new anglers learn the pleasure and fun of fly fishing. He is known by the large wide brimmed fishing hat he always wears! His passion is trout fishing, whether for four inch Native Pennsylvania Brook Trout or twenty inch Rainbow and Brown trout in the Lehigh river.

Mike Costello - FFF Certified Casting Instructor

Mike Costello has been fishing most of his life. As with a young fishermen he began as a bait fisherman, and then graduated to fishing plugs and other lures for bass and other game fish and finally on to fly fishing. Once started, he was hooked on fly fishing and became immersed in the sport for life. His primary interest in fly fishing is in the pursuit of trout and preferably wild trout. But during the warmer months of the year he will spend time targeting bass in the Schuylkill River and the Susquehanna River. Pennsylvania, his home state, is where he fishes most and fishes all the local streams in Chester County, makes several trips a year to the Upper Delaware River system, and to many of the great streams in the State College area. He has fished in the Western US, concentrating in Southwestern Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Within these states he has fished many of the waters in Yellowstone National Park, the South Fork of the Snake River, the Missouri River, the Clark Fork River and many smaller streams. His largest wild trout caught to date is a 24-inch monster brown trout from the Missouri River caught on a #18 CDC PMD Emerger. Mike has also fished the salt for bonefish, permit, redfish and snook in the waters around Florida, Belize, and Cozumel, Mexico. After several years of fly fishing Mike became intrigued with the mechanics of fly casting and decided to become and instructor to help others shorten the fly casting learning curve. A number of years ago, Mike became a Certified Casting Instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishers. To achieve this certification Mike had to pass a comprehensive examination not only demonstrating casting proficiency but also his teaching ability. Mike is also an avid fly tier and most of the fish he catches are on his own flies.

Joe King- Casting Instructor and On-stream technique demonstrations

Joe King has been fly fishing since 1975 and has been an active member of the League for most of that time. Joe considers himself to be an all-weather fisherman and can be found plying Pennsylvania's streams during all seasons of the year. Joe is particularly fond of streamer fishing and was also one of the few fishermen around to use a kayak for fly fishing before it became fashionable. Although he prefers to fish his favorite stream, the Little Juniata, for brown trout, he also enjoys the Susquehanna for smallmouths and shad. Joe has fished throughout the US and Alaska for trout, bass and salmon and was one of the few fly fishermen to float the 230-mile reach of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon downstream of Lees Ferry and cast for wild rainbows and hike the back canyons. Joe's been demonstrating his techniques for streamer fishing and tying some of his favorite patterns at our course since it was first offered.

Emerson Cannon- Club President, Casting Instructor and On-Stream technique demonstrations

Emerson Cannon began his fly fishing exploits in 1972 when he met a member of the Dame Juliana League on French Creek and decided to join the club. His 7 foot, 5-weight Fenwick fiberglass rod has long since been replaced with a stockpile of high-tech fly fishing rods and reels to match his passion for all aspects of the sport. Emerson has fished many areas of the east coast for various species including smallmouth and landlocked salmon at Grand Lakes Camp in Maine, stripers in Maryland and Delaware, redfish and albacore tuna in North Carolina and tarpon and bonefish in Florida. When he is not jetting off to Alaska to fly fish for salmon or pike or to Guatemala for marlin (last year he caught a 250 pounder), he spends his time on the local streams of Pennsylvania, such as nearby Valley Creek, fishing for wild brown trout. Emerson has been active in the club for many years and is our current Vice President. Emerson�s knowledge of the sport has been shaped by taking instruction from numerous people at fly fishing shows and from FFF and other qualified instructors. His advice is that taking guided trips always provides lots of instruction. All of the guides will provide you tips on tackle and techniques that are invaluable in developing your skills. Things that also help are on-going practice, instruction, reading, listening and talking with others in the fly fishing community or your local club. Taking a fly tying class each winter at A Marblehead FlyFisher with Terry Peach as an instructor has also helped and keeps me in the tying mix. Remember...learning never ceases with fly fishing!�

GEORGE M. CHRISTIAN - Project Biologist/Laboratory Supervisor

“Mr Christian is a Project Biologist with Normandeau Associates, an ecological consulting firm in Stowe, PA. He is an aquatic insect specialist certified by the Society for Freshwater Scientists for taxonomic identifications. He is also an avid trout fisherman since the age of 12 and is familiar with many of the wild and stocked streams in the southeastern region.”

Troy Dunn - Leaders and Knots

Troy Dunn took the League's Learn to Fly Fish course in 2002, and has enjoyed fishing and working with club members to develop his skills ever since. Locally, Troy has fished extensively in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York. Penns Creek is his favorite local stream and he has many a nice brown trout displayed in our website's photo gallery to show for it. Some of Troy's other favorite destinations to fish and observe include the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana for native West Slope Cutthroat Trout and for its incredible beauty, remoteness, and the opportunity to fish in solitude; Golden Trout Wilderness in California for native Volcano Creek Golden Trout and because everyone should catch these beautifully colored fish if only just once; and flats fishing for Bonefish, his largest a 10+ pounder, on the Bahama Bank �for challenging fishing, screaming runs, and wonderful island breezes to lull you to sleep.