Life Membership

Life Membership is open to all members 55 years old and older who have 10-years of continuous membership and service to the League. The one-time fee for Life Membership is $300. Members applying or nominated for Life Membership will be voted on by the Board of Directors. The $300 fee may be waived by a unanimous vote of the Board for indiviuals who have made a significant and sustained contribution to accomplishing the mission and goals of the Dame Juliana League. A Life Member will receive all benefits of club membership and, upon acceptance by the Board, will be given a club logo cap. Applications for Life Membership should be made in writing or email and sent to the current League President.

Current Life Members:

Dick Allebach (Past-President; Founding member- 1971)
Joe King (Sponsor Relations Chairman; Member since 1975)
Jack Mickievicz (Past-President; Founding member- 1971)
Bob Molzahn (Past-President; Member since 1990)